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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Acquisitions and Current Exhibition

Cristina Chacon  Gallery
New Acquisitions.
Cristina Chacon Gallery is proud to present  the new works of
Cristina Hauk (Argentine)

Cristina Hauk has always been interested in observing or reflecting on how we find our place in this world and how we interact with others according to our differences, whether they are cultural, religious etc. Cristina believes that these differences allow us to see how one situation or idea has different possible interpretations, giving light to different visions. Therefore, depending from where you are looking is what you see. With this concept, Cristina plays with the colors and their placement so that they are enhanced, diluted or combined all depending from where you are looking at it.
In terms of technique, Cristina works with different transparent layers that she designs beforehand, sometimes drawing others with the computer. She builds the layers with different colors and plays with the overlay, looking for the effect that she wants.
Current Exhibition
By Alberto Gonzalez Vivo


Alberto Gonzalez Vivo´s work is limited to Geometric and Optical Art working generally with three variables: Shape (circular, square, diamond, etc.), Color (full and working with gradients of primary and secondary colors) and the Position of the shapes on the canvas. These three variables have been combined in his new series named "Grids".
With deep Red and Black backgrounds the "Grids" series is based in an imaginary grid template. Alberto places his squares and rectangles on the template, and thanks to the combination of colors and rotation of the shapes it generates a kinetic effect.
In this new series we can see the influence of Victor Vasarely who is considered the father of Op-Art. Similarly to how Vasarely did in the 1960´s and 1970´s, Alberto transformed the flat surface into a world of unending possibilities with surprising designs that produce pleasure to the audience.

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