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Monday, August 2, 2010



August 7th- September 26th 2010

Location: Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery

Admission: Free

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 11:30 am- 5:00 pm. Always by appointment at

305 725 7492.

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery is proud to present the Summer-Fall exhibition of 2010 called “BLENDED”. Featuring new works by Mario Ayerbe, Mena Chacon, Ana Gomez,Gisela Llorens, Sylvia Evelina, Marta Culver, Christy Huang.

Mario Ayerbe: His abstract work has defined him as one of Colombia’s greatest colorists.

Ana Gomez: Spanish artists who is showing her last collection called “The Protein Painting”. Mixed Media works on Panel.

Mena Chacon: Colombian artist with talent in many art mediums exhibits her latest collections, “La Tierra,” inspired by the beauty of the surface of our planet.

Gisela Llorens, Sylvia Evelina. Marta Culver, Christy Huang: Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery is proud to debut four magnificent artists who excel in pastel drawing.

Also Villegas, Espitia, Tessarolo, Araujo Santoyo, Ruth Bloch, Ancizar Marin & Cristina Chacon who are part of the gallery portfolio will be exhibiting their works.

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery is a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery representing establish and emerging artists from around the world. Our Mission is to promote, nurture and cultivate the vision and diverse talent of different artist.

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery annual exhibition schedule consist in 4 seasonal group exhibitions combined with some group presentations while participating in several art fairs during the year.

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery

3162 Commodore Plaza, Suite 1F2

Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Ph: 305.442.2884

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