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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chacon Gallery Enhances Commodore Plaza @ Coconut Grove

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chacon Gallery enhances Commodore Plaza

On Gallery Walk night, the Cristina Chacon Gallery on Commodore Plaza is always one of the most popular places. It has a very continental feel to it. Many out of town, meaning out of the Grove people, attend the exhibits.

While the locals tend to hang around the Mayfair events, many out-of-towners from near and far prefer the Commdore Plaza side of town, they love Chacon and Nomade, Dharma has many locals due to their regular life as a yoga studio, so many of their yoga students attend the Dharma art events.

Back to the Chacon Gallery, here are from left: Ohran Noh, Christy Huang, Pat Lili and Judy Wen. The ladies are standing in front of a couple of Christy's pieces, which are being exhibited throughout the month.

Gisela Llorens, in black, shows off her work, surrounded by friends, from left: Fortuna Algaze, Oilda Rubio and Georgina Ruiz.
Oscar Soicher and wife Sylvia Evelina, proudly stand in front of one of Sylvia's pieces on display this month.

If you have not attended the First Saturday Gallery Walks in Coconut Grove, you really should. The art is back in town in a big way and it's first class, quality work. The next Gallery Walk is Saturday, September 4. Hope to see you around town then, and actually before then. The galleries are all open daily, you can stop in during regular hours.

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